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Laser printers and Inkjet printers use totally different systems. Inkjet is a more simple system but ink cost much more than toner used for the Laser systems.

Inkjet system uses ink printed on paper by a printhead. Some sort of micro jet nozzle valves that open and close every time a determined color of ink is needed to be printed. It uses a carriage assembly where the printhead sits at. All this is moved by a carriage belt.

In theory is supposed to be more efficient due that it has much less moving parts compared to Laser systems, Unfortunately all print heads have certain life length and they tend to get clogged after they reach the limit of life length or when the printhead is not used for a long period of time (More than 60 to 90 days)

That is why is so important to run our printer at least every month, so the print head does not get clogged due ink dries in the nozzles.

The carriage belt tends to disintegrate after it reaches certain life, the belt will not move the carriage assembly and the printer will give an error code.

The ink yield is extremely low and very expensive compared to a toner.

Another inconvenience is the speed of pages per minute, it is very, very slow compared to laser systems.

Laser system uses electrostatic charges to transport particles of polymer (Toner) from to the developer unit (measure device of the amount of toner )

From there another drum covered with photosensitive material (Drum unit) gets into play. The drum is electrostatically charged by a laser unit that shoots a beam of light that hits the surface of the drum unit forming an electrostatic invisible image of the image that will be printed into the paper. The drum is electrostatically charged so it can pick up the toner from the developer unit. Once the drum is charged and is in contact with the developer unit, the drum picks up the particles of toner only on the areas that were hit by the beam of a light shoot by the laser unit into the drum.

Once the drum unit has the image printed on it is passed onto the paper also electrostatically charged previously.

From there the paper already with the image on it is transported to the fuser section, where one high-temperature roller and a second pressure roller.

Paper is fed through this two hot rollers and the image is fused into the paper so toner won't come off from the paper.

As you can see this laser process is more complicated and it needs a lot more moving parts compared to inkjet process.

The problems and possible failures are anywhere from not writing a clear image into the paper due to low toner concentration on the developer unit or smeared copies, lines, smudges, bad quality in the drum unit due to wear and tear on the drum or drum cleaning blade.

Also, the fuser would give smeared copies or error codes in case is not working correctly.

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